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Quality products for your most challenging applications.
Neptune Pump Co Logo
Chemical metering pumps and related equipment including polymer activation systems.
BEX Logo

Electric and Air powered tubular drum transfer pumps.

MixPro Logo
Industrial agitation solutions products including mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators.
Silverson Logo
High-shear powder/liquid mixers, sanitary mixers, and disintegrators and dissolvers.
Russell Finex Logo
Global leader in filtration and separation equipment for processing industries.
Fluid Dynamics Logo
Premier polymer equipment including the patented DynaBLEND™ polymer blending technology.
Peabody Engineering Logo
Standard and custom designed tanks and tank packages.
Chemline Logo

Full line of non-metallic instrumentation, analyzers, flow and level meters, and flow and level indicators.

Monroe Environmental Logo
Engineered pollution control systems; air, gasses, water, wastewater.
Dekker Logo

Sealed & magnetic driven, Chemical Feed Gear Pumps that provide pulseless flow.

Primary Fluid Systems Logo
Metering pump accessories including calibration cylinders, relief valves, and quills.
Ecologix Environmental Logo
Environmental packaged systems for wastewater treatment.
Concord Screen Logo

Rotary Piston Processing Pumps

Ram Liquid Filtration Logo
Manufacture and design of industrial filtration and straining equipment.
Abaque Logo
Peristaltic Hose Pumps for abrasive, aggressive, shear-sensitive, and viscous fluids.
Delta T Logo

Centrifugal Pumps for transfer of water-based fluids with non-metallic compatibility requirements.

Abaque Logo
Custom-engineered industrial ventilation fans and blowers for mining, pulp and paper, cement, chemical process, steel, power and pollution .

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