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Groth Corporation

Pressure Relief Valves

Groth is a global leader in low-pressure safety equipment with representatives around the world, providing engineered solutions with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction. Groth industrial products are comprised of independent product lines, classified as pressure/vacuum relief valves, blanket gas regulators and flame arresters.

Groth Corporation products are designed to the latest standards from around the world. Groth possesses in-house flow lab testing capabilities which have been certified by an independent authority and are capable of flow testing products to API 2000 standards. Additionally, Groth has the capability of performing deflagration and detonation testing as per U.S. Coast Guard 33 CFR and ISO 16852 (ATEX) guidelines.

Online at www.grothcorp.com.


Ecologix Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

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